Visitors in the educational center for the environment EDEN

During the hot June days, when all of the students want to relax near the sea, a lot of other ones prefer to take part in summer camps .
Today, on the 27th of June 2014 a group of students with a variety of ages included in their daily schedule a visit in the Zoo of Tirana and they visited the educational center for the environment EDEN as well.
During this visit the students got to  know with the building process that was environmental friendly  of the center , where were explained the solar panels , LED lamps and the water  of the rain deposit. The students were informed about the several tools , that are in this center , such as  compass  , magnet, hygrometer, rain gauge , the tree-height gauge , identification keys of plants, loupe , glasses for insects, thermometers etc.

The presentation of the “Wooden House” had a lot of educational games, where the students drew a river segment, which had been monitored during their educational excursions. Then these drawings were discussed by talking about the pollution of rivers , their importance and the importance of a clean,stable ecosystem.

 The student’s drawings were put from the students on the walls of that small house as a souvenir from their visit.