CaptureProject title:                         Partnership for Local Green Agendas
Time frame:                          March 2010 – December 2011
Location:                             The Netherlands, Macedonia, Montenegro, Albania
                                               (Dajç Bregu i Bunës, Prezë)
Financial supported:           European Commission
Budget:                                 58,650.00 euro

The aim of the project is to develop a network of CSOs operating in the Netherlands, Macedonia, Albania and Montenegro, which will work together with local government units for the implementation of environmental projects which were designed during Green Agenda process. During this project the best practices from Croatia were shared, considering the climate of the partner countries to enter EU.

100 1778Project title:Towards Sustaining the Albanian Environmental movement
Timeframe:                           2006 – 2007
Where:                                  Albania
Financial supported:          Milieukontakt International 
Project budget:                   19,556 Euro

This project is designed based on the strategic directions 2 and 4 of EDEN Business Plan (specifically developing organization capacities & offering services and expertise to different actors).
Our intervention aimed at a) having a sustainable and effective group of trainers in the end of project period , which can serve latter on to civil society sector in general and that of environment in particular;

Project title: "Technical assistance and capacity building for target groups"
Timeframe:                        2005-2010
Where:                               Albania
Financial supported:       Different donors
Services cost:                 50-195 Euro / day depending on the experience and expertise required

A group of trainers and advisors have been working for more than 5 years based on the needs and demands for services. With the support of Milieukontakt International our group of trainers and experts not only had the opportunity to refine their skills but also to standardize the methodology of work and prepare training manuals. Some of the organizations benefiting from our services (non exhaustive list) are:

100 1781Project title: “Partnership and Capacity Building in South-Eastern Europe”
Timeframe:                           2005 - 2006
Where:                                  Albania
Financial supported:          Milieukontakt International
Project budget:                   10,000 Euro

This project was leaded by Milieukontakt International in close cooperation with Balkan partners (EDEN, KOCKA, ZOE and SMART). It aimed the further development of ourselves so we could be more capable in providing support to Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) in our country and even in South-Eastern Europe. The project specifically contributed in terms of sustainability and ability to provide qualified capacity building services to the CSOs community on the long-term. By the end of the support period our results can be summarised as follows: