100 1778Project title:Towards Sustaining the Albanian Environmental movement
Timeframe:                           2006 – 2007
Where:                                  Albania
Financial supported:          Milieukontakt International 
Project budget:                   19,556 Euro

This project is designed based on the strategic directions 2 and 4 of EDEN Business Plan (specifically developing organization capacities & offering services and expertise to different actors).
Our intervention aimed at a) having a sustainable and effective group of trainers in the end of project period , which can serve latter on to civil society sector in general and that of environment in particular;

b) supporting NGOs to move from the emerging stage into the internal NGO capacity development stage.
The main activities contributing to the fulfilment of the project aims were
Development of trainers group through standardized ToTs;
Development of standardized training curricula and Operational and Management training manual;
Training and coaching at least 9 NGOs on organisation and management issues