100 1781Project title: “Partnership and Capacity Building in South-Eastern Europe”
Timeframe:                           2005 - 2006
Where:                                  Albania
Financial supported:          Milieukontakt International
Project budget:                   10,000 Euro

This project was leaded by Milieukontakt International in close cooperation with Balkan partners (EDEN, KOCKA, ZOE and SMART). It aimed the further development of ourselves so we could be more capable in providing support to Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) in our country and even in South-Eastern Europe. The project specifically contributed in terms of sustainability and ability to provide qualified capacity building services to the CSOs community on the long-term. By the end of the support period our results can be summarised as follows:

• An internal analysis method to measure our own progress in capacity building and sustainability of NGO operations was developed;
• Our skills and methods for delivering capacity building programmes to CSOs in the country were improved;
• Our financial sustainability was increased to the extent that we had secured basic operations for at least one year after the project ends;