Project title: "Technical assistance and capacity building for target groups"
Timeframe:                        2005-2010
Where:                               Albania
Financial supported:       Different donors
Services cost:                 50-195 Euro / day depending on the experience and expertise required

A group of trainers and advisors have been working for more than 5 years based on the needs and demands for services. With the support of Milieukontakt International our group of trainers and experts not only had the opportunity to refine their skills but also to standardize the methodology of work and prepare training manuals. Some of the organizations benefiting from our services (non exhaustive list) are:

Ekolëvizja, CRCD – Vlorë, Albanian Organization of Permaculture, Trans border Wild Life – Korcë, Preza Association, PPNEA –Shkodër, Ylber Association – Shkodër, Qendra koordinuese e OJF –ve Përmet, Lilium Albanicum – Librazhd, Adriatik – Vlorë, Auleda – Vlorë, Turizmi dhe mjedisi – Pogradec, CSDC- Durrës, Aarhus Shkoder and Vlore, Berat Municipality, Kuçova Municipality, Tirana Municipality etc.
Some of the organizations that have requested our services are: OSCE, REC, Milieukontakt International, British Council, IPEN etc.