About the Sector

Environmental Education

Environmental Education sector has started implementation of environmental projects with the first youth project titled "Nature Guides" - Tirana's Ambassadors for sustainable development, December 2004 - June 2005.
Experiences of EDEN Center so far have shown that young people are very interested to be part of environmental activities; thirst for information and desired to get education with environmental parameters. This fact is proved in the various activities that have developed a group of volunteers and a group of nature guides operating within EDEN.
There are about 60 volunteers who consistently receive environmental information, are engaged in various activities, and develop natural guides in different areas of Albania. Despite the desire and passion that young people get to know and have fun with the possibilities that the nature offers, not all can be benefit and become part of it. This is due to their failure to organize in groups, not having a proper coordination and what is importantly the lack of financial resources. EDEN Centre promotes Environmental Education programs based on the experiences of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. Within this sector are created and promoted Natural Guides group; Environmental Education Center "EDEN" within Tirana Zoo; Publication "Touch the Nature" and environmental education materials.
Also, part of the Environmental Education its Summer School which serves as a strand for the development of knowledge on various environmental issues for many children of Tirana.
EDEN center staff has done a successful job during summer school development. This activity consisted mainly in development of different environmental games through various didactic materials and stationeries. This involvement is an opportunity to involve children in activities that make them more enthusiastic and expand their knowledge about the environment where they live.
Environmental education in schools is very important. Unfortunately the lacks of green areas, tools, experiments, are insufficient. In this way, the creation of summer school will bring new knowledge, new opportunities, and the capacity to protect and improve the environment.
Internship program is another part of the Environmental Education which describes and defines learning objectives, service and internship activities, and defines the responsibilities and organization of students intern. Through this program, a student obtains knowledge and different experiences on environmental issues and how the environmental NGOs function and operate to the environmental protection