Earth Day - 22 April

2015Year:                                   2015
"It is our turn to lead"
Location:                          Tirana Zoo  
Financial supported:       EDEN contirbution 
Partner:                             YEE (Youth and Environmnet Europe)

Earth Day message for this year was "Climate change - it is our turn to lead". To be more receptive, this year Earth Day was celebrated at the Ecological Education Centre near Tirana Zoo. Present at the event were volunteers of EDEN center and students of secondary school  "Kristaq Rama".

The event began with a presentation of the Environmental Education Center, history and the services it provides, and the use of renewable sources, like the sun, the center uses to illuminate the internal environment. The celebration continued with an exhibition of paintings realized by high school  on the theme of Earth Day and reflected photos with successful projects on renewable energy generated in Albania and in neighboring countries.