Earth Day - 22 April

2009 2Year:                                    2009
"Live it green, Live it Healthy"
Location:                           Glass House ,Tiranë
Financial supported:        American Embassy
Partner:                              Tirana Municipality

EDEN center in support with the Municipality of Tirana, US Embassy decided to realize an event where they invited private and public schools, kindergartens were they invited to submit works with recycled materials. All these were exhibited in the glass house that was installed by the Municipality in the centre of Tirana. Also role plays were performed by students improvising in three different environments situations and how people behave with waste menagement.

It improvised a classroom environment where the teacher gave students information about reducing, reusing and recycling materials and gave them some tasks to observe how they behave in their home.
This has transmited some good messages for all participants invited about reducing wastes. There were participants from civil society, parents, teachers, media, friends of the environment and pedestrians. At the same time the volunteers of center EDEN were organized in two points infos in two different areas of the city: the Blloku area and the boulevard in front of "Dajtit Hotel", where they distributed leaflets that are produced within the project, Live it Green live it healthy, fact-sheet survey results and comments.