Earth Day - 22 April

2008Year:                                    2008
"Environmental Education Centre welcomes you..."
Location:                           Tirana Zoo
Financial supported:        American Embassy, ProCredit Bank
Partner:                              Tirana Municipality

EDEN center in support of the Municipality of Tirana, the US Embassy and ProCredit Bank inaugurated the Environmental Education Center `EDEN' on 22 April 2008 within Tirana Zoo. Since that day, this center continues to operate and is open every day from Monday to Friday starting at 08:30 to 12:30. This center serves to educate the next generation to love and respect the environment that surrounds us.

The information that is in it shall help to cultivate as much knowledge about the living world. Every day this center is visited not only by students of different schools of Tirana but also from students who come from different districts of the country. In the center than theoretical information which is made available in its internal environment, children have the opportunity to explore the environment around the zoo environmental education using games.