2013Year:                                    2013
"The image of green behaviours"
Location:                            Kuçovë, Berat
Financial supported:        American Embassy
Partner:                             Kuçova Municipality, Youth Center

Earth Day theme "The image of green behaviors" this year took place in Kuçova city with close cooperation with the Municipality of Kuçova and Youth Center. The event was held in outdoors area being accompained with a biological local product fair, a fair of organizations and youth groups active in Kucova and Berat, and also an exhibition of photographs with a subject

2012Year:                                    2012
"Mobilize the Earth - Citizens actions through art"
Location:                            Pedonal area, Tiranë
Financial supported:        American Embassy, Austrian Embassy
Partner:                              Tirana Municipality, Ministry of Environment

EDEN Center in cooperation with the Municipality of Tirana, US Embassy, ​​Austrian Embassy and the Ministry of Environment, celebrated its 8th consecutive year the International Earth Day which was held at Pedonal area in TIrana. The message tha was transmitted to citizens this year was "Mobilize the Earth - Citizens actions through art."

2011Year:                                    2011
"Billion Acts of Green"
Location:                            Divjakë, Karavasta and Galery of Arts, Tiranë
Financial supported:        American Embassy
Partner:                              Tirana Municipality, Divjakë Municipality
2011 2

In a cooperation with the US Embassy and the Municipality of Tirana, EDEN Center celebrated Earth Day on 21 April in green premises of the Art Gallery, in the presence of many businesses, companies that deal with the production of bio products in the Albanian market. Also part of this activity were environmental organizations that are active in many environmental activities, representatives from many institutions, schools and pedestrians.