Environmental Education

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Project title:                    "Young environmentalist kit"
Timeframe:                       June 2008 - December 2011
Where:                              Albania
Financial supported:      Netherland Embassy in Tirana and UNICEF
Project budget:              13,918,390.00 ALL

The project aim to improve the learning environment for elementary schools of Albania in 5000 primary classes . EDEN centre in close cooperation with Ministry of Education and Science, Ministry of Environment, forests and water management, Institution for Development of Education,

Education Directories in involved cities, Institute for Protection and Conservation (INCA),Eco-movement Network aimed the involvement of elementary schools, teachers, students and community in all over Albania.3594 teachers are trained and purchase with environmental education materials; at least 80% of the teachers has gain knowledge in organizing open classes in nature and around 50.000 children has gained knowledge protecting the nature.