Environmental Education

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20151007 101634Project title: "We walk towards the Sustainable Development “
Time frame:                              May – September 2015
Where:                                      Albania
Financial supported:              The Regional Environmental Center (REC)
Project budget:                       2,760,000 lekë

The project aims to contribute to the education of Albanian society under a spirit of citizenship that values the environment as a common public good, and it connects right to the protection of the right standard of living. The specific objectives of the proposal:

standardization of methods of learning for sustainable development in all three levels of education in the country and improvement of environmental education practices by assessing its real involvement in curriculum and extra - curriculum. A realistic assessment of the inclusion of environmental education in schools will help in understanding the real reasons of its failure. On the other hand, his concept in all levels of education should be developed further in connection with the right to fair standard of living.