Environmental Education

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IMG 6527Project title: "Promoting alternative energy with practical examples
                      in the eyes of citizens
Time frame:                        April – June 2013
Where:                               Tirana Zoo
Financial supported:       GEF (Global Environment Facility)
Project budget:                 53, 340 USD

The project promotes the use of renewable energy and environmental solutions and economic use of natural resources. It consists in the restoration of Cam timber known as the Center of Environmental Education "EDEN" located in the Zoo of Tirana

and turning it into a model pilot demonstrative and educational investment pro-environment, in buildings and household activities, and spreading this model with activities open to citizens.
The project has been to focus initially realize restoring ecological construction Environmental Education center "EDEN", construction which serves itself as a model of a building ecological solution, as well as through activities open to citizens of information and awareness.