Environmental Education

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Project title:
"Improving Environmental Education at shkolla “Xhemal Cekini “in
                       Uznova, Albania
Time frame:                             September 2011- April 2013
Where:                                     Uznovë, Berat
Financial supported:             Powerful Information
Project budget:                      189,000 ALL

The project has been focused in inspiring children and teachers with a deeper understanding and respect for their local environment and reducing potential risks to the health and welfare of the activities of uncertainty which may increase exposure to pollution by heavy metals.

Many children and teachers were knowledgeable on the issues of environmental education, community awareness and the ability to organize environmental activities. Power lolak, businesses and the community involved by becoming part of the initiatives and campaigns that the school itself conducted awareness on the negative effects that have remnants of metal in the area Uznovës, which is known as the area where it was built former battery factory and left behind major consequences on health and environment.