Environmental Education

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spila foto1Project title:             “Sustainable living toward environmental friendly startup!”
Time frame:              July 2016 – June 2017
Where:                      Albania
Financial supported: U.S. Embassy - Tirana, Albania
Project budget:         17,363.0 $

The aim of this project is focused on sustainable living, but emphasizes in particular way professional schools and the orientation that they should have towards a green perception and thinking.
Professional schools are a key factor in our country, from where professionals and craftsmen of the future come up; representing educational institutions which give to young people not only knowledge but also necessary specialized skills.

The fact that the Albanian Government increasingly in recent years is strongly advocating and has given priority to professional schools. Supporting the government priorities in education, this project brings additional value to professional schools. It includes the concept of sustainable living into the young generation in Albania, which strongly supports the sustainable development goals in our planet. Our idea behind is to educate the way of thinking that any community service and in home behavior should be considered on the green principles in order to increase our living standards, ensure human rights and conserve natural resources. So, these young students will gain knowledge on green topics and be a priority in the labor market.

With this project we would like also to connect the culture of a sustainable living with the environment and a pro-environment way of working, as a link which serves to all of us toward a healthy life.