Environmental Education

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20151007 101634Project title: "We walk towards the Sustainable Development “
Time frame:                              May – September 2015
Where:                                      Albania
Financial supported:              The Regional Environmental Center (REC)
Project budget:                       2,760,000 lekë

The project aims to contribute to the education of Albanian society under a spirit of citizenship that values the environment as a common public good, and it connects right to the protection of the right standard of living. The specific objectives of the proposal:

Title:                         In Love with energy efficiency
Timeframe:               7-15 october 2014
Place:                       Tirana, Porto Palermo
Founded by:             European Union through Erasmus+ programe
Budget:                    11425 EURO 

The youth Exchange gathered together 23 young people from Albania, Czech republic, Moldova, Spain, Polonia. The project was implemented from EDEN center and Youth and Environment Europe (YEE). The aim of the Youth exchange is: to raising knowledge and awareness of young people and their communities in using clean energy and learn for the capacities of each of the participating country in energy sector. the objectives are: -To increase the knowledge of young people on renewable energy resources and energy efficiency; -To explore and develop simple daily practices for the reduction of energy expenditure without sacrificing our comfort;-To empower and modify participants’ attitudes towards energy sustainability and encourage them to spread this new approach in their communities;-To exchange experiences and best practices from different countries in terms of environmentally friendly investments and initiatives for cleaner, fairer and safer energy production;-To foster youth’s creativity, entrepreneurship, cooperation and networking.

The photos can be followed through EDEN facebook link.

IMG 6527Project title: "Promoting alternative energy with practical examples
                      in the eyes of citizens
Time frame:                        April – June 2013
Where:                               Tirana Zoo
Financial supported:       GEF (Global Environment Facility)
Project budget:                 53, 340 USD

The project promotes the use of renewable energy and environmental solutions and economic use of natural resources. It consists in the restoration of Cam timber known as the Center of Environmental Education "EDEN" located in the Zoo of Tirana

picProject title: Support to REC for organizing and animating extracurricular
                     activities within the Green Pack
Time frame:                            February 2011
Where:                                    Lezhë, Durrës, Elbasan, Fier
Financial supported:            Regional Environmental Centre (REC)
Project budget:                     847,100 Euro

This is a project which aims to train teachers of elementary schools in Albania in how to organize extracurricular activities (small projects) which deliver environmental messages from students to the community.
Within this project, EDEN Nature Guides,