Environmental Education

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Project title:
"Improving Environmental Education at shkolla “Xhemal Cekini “in
                       Uznova, Albania
Time frame:                             September 2011- April 2013
Where:                                     Uznovë, Berat
Financial supported:             Powerful Information
Project budget:                      189,000 ALL

The project has been focused in inspiring children and teachers with a deeper understanding and respect for their local environment and reducing potential risks to the health and welfare of the activities of uncertainty which may increase exposure to pollution by heavy metals.

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Project title:                   "Solar energy – economical and environmental friendly"
Timeframe:                      March 2009- June 2010
Where:                             Tirana
Financial supported:      Regional Environmental Centre (REC)
Project budget:                5.278,120 ALL

The project aims to promote solar energy in public institutions as an alternative and environment friendly.Through this project EDEN Center in close cooperation with the
Municipality of Tirana and the The center of Children Development and Education (QEZHEF)

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Project title:                    "Young environmentalist kit"
Timeframe:                       June 2008 - December 2011
Where:                              Albania
Financial supported:      Netherland Embassy in Tirana and UNICEF
Project budget:              13,918,390.00 ALL

The project aim to improve the learning environment for elementary schools of Albania in 5000 primary classes . EDEN centre in close cooperation with Ministry of Education and Science, Ministry of Environment, forests and water management, Institution for Development of Education,

Project title:
                         “The Great Lake Park something more than just a park”
Time frame:                          July 2006 – April 2007
Where:                                  Tirana
Financial supported:           American Embassy in Tirana
Project budget:                    23850$

The project aims to enforce the nature values and beauties in the Great Lake Park and use it as the main nature source for recreational environmental education for the citizens of Tirana”.