Environmental management practices



bas logo okProject title:Stimulating citizens participation to recycle processes through
                     the implementation of benefits system

Timeframe:                         December 2017 – November 2019
Where:                                Greece, Albania, Cyprus, FYROM, Bulgaria
                                                   Financial supported:
        A project co-funded by the European Union
                                                                                              and the national funds of the participating countries
                                                   Project Budget:                 96,000 EUR

Creating local strategies, action plans, and tools in partner areas in order to increase percentage of separately selected at source recyclable materials. strengthening citizens active participation to recycle process.

photoProject Title:                         “Let`s keep control on the mercury around us!”
Timeframe:                            December 2014 - May 2015
Where:                                   Tirana
Financial supported:           IPEN (International POPs Elimination Network)
Project Budget:                    5,538 USD

The objectives of this project are to inform and educate Tirana Albanian public about risks from mercury in food products and cosmetic products and to address Mercury Treaty conditions and benefits to Albanian policy makers. Through this project we have done different activates such as: create and display to the different targets the documentary with information related to the mercury

Optimized IMG 0845Project Title: “Raising public awareness and generate new data about HG
                        pollution in Albania

Timeframe:                                   January - August 2012
Where:                                          Vlorë
Financial supported:                  IPEN (International POPs Elimination Network)
                                             Project Budget:                           8,190 USD

The project aims to assess the level of mercury pollution in the area near the former PVC plant in Vlora and increase community awareness of Vlora and Tirana regarding to mercury pollution. The idea of this project was born as a result of the latest UNEP report that identified the Vlora Bay as one of "Hot Spots" contaminated with mercury.

DSC01623Project title: "Separate waste collection in schools and communities" 
Time frame:                              April 2012 – June 2013
Where:                                      Dajci, Ana Malit and Velipoja Commune, Shkodër
Financial supported:              European Union
Project budget:                       79,548.00 Euro

The project aim to increase knowledge of 800 pupils and 1000 citizens from 3 municipalities, 3 communes on separate waste collection through educational, media and raising awareness activities in 12 months.