Environmental management practices


Optimized IMG 0845Project Title: “Raising public awareness and generate new data about HG
                        pollution in Albania

Timeframe:                                   January - August 2012
Where:                                          Vlorë
Financial supported:                  IPEN (International POPs Elimination Network)
                                             Project Budget:                           8,190 USD

The project aims to assess the level of mercury pollution in the area near the former PVC plant in Vlora and increase community awareness of Vlora and Tirana regarding to mercury pollution. The idea of this project was born as a result of the latest UNEP report that identified the Vlora Bay as one of "Hot Spots" contaminated with mercury.

As well we are based in the fact that in that time there were not a concrete investment in the area although there was a recovery plan; low awareness in the general public so as administrative units and above all because in the summer season is one of the most populated areas in country.
Here are the: National Report and Monitoring project