Nature Guides Group

The Nature Guide is a group of youngest trained to provide proper guide to natural parks and places with nature value in Albania. Guides are not only focused on providing information on environmental values and tourism, but also providing information on existing problems in management and the proper ways to use these areas based on the principles of sustainable development.

The main purposes of the group of Nature Guides are:

  • Promoting eco-tourism, environmental education and sustainable development
  • Provision of specialized services for different target groups in the field of ecotourism and
    cultural tourism
  • Promotion of natural guides’ profession known and accepted by governmental and nongovernmental
  • Creating a network of Natural Guides in Albania and beyond
  • Organize workshops and seminars to increase environmental awareness for different target
  • Increasing the number of itinerary and geographical distribution
  • Participation in various activities to promote environmental education
  • Creating informative manuals for different areas of community service.


The first group of Natural Guides of EDEN center was established in 2004 and since that year the group has been constant changes. Natural guides have participated in various projects over the years at EDEN center, projects that relate to outdoor guides.
Some of them are:

  • The Nature ambassadors
  • Environmental Education Center in Zoo
  • Bringing Karavasta Lagoon back to life
  • Open classes and nature guide in frame of CLEEN project

Within these projects Nature Guides group has helped in the discovery of new natural routes, publication of natural manuals, the driving records of various natures etc.

Its organization

The group meets four times a month, of which two are preparation of driving records and discovery itineraries in nature and the other two are meeting for documenting and planning routes in ngoing activities. Meeting times established by association and moderated by the coordinator of the group, / which is a staff from EDEN centre.
Group constantly regenerates new people passionate about nature and the desire to contribute to sustainable tourism.