Porto Romano thermo power plant

As the way out of the current energy crisis, the Albanian government has been promoting a series of new hydropower plants and  carbon-intensiveTermocentrali me qymyr power generation facilities. Among them the Albanian  Ministry of Economy, Trade and Energy has instigated a coal-fired Porto Romano thermo-power plant (TPP) near the port city of Durres, eyed by  the Italian energy company Enel.

In December 2007, the Albanian Minister of Economy, Trade and Energy and the CEO of the Italian energy company Enel, Fluvio Conti, signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) for the development of the energy  sector in Albania. Under the terms of the MoU, Enel agreed to construct a   coal fired thermo power plant (TPP) and a transmission line to Italy.

According to the environmental assessment study, the plant would  consist of two 800 MW coal-fired units, a jetty for handling the  imported coal, a transmission line connecting the local substation to  Tirana s main substation and an undersea transmission line linking the  facility with Italy. Half of the energy produced will be exported to the   Italian market, provoking complaints that Italy is exporting its  pollution to Albania instead of reducing it.

While the Albanian government hopes that the Porto Romano TPP will  improve the country’s energy security, environmentalists see little  sense in increasing the use of highly polluting coal, which would mainly   be imported. Not only would coal power generation increase Albania’s  carbon emissions and dependency on imported fuel, but it is also a  source of significant local pollution, which already exceeds national  limits.


So far, no international development lender has been officially  considering financing for the Porto Romano project. Given the past and  present involvement of international financial institutions in other  fossil fuels backed energy generation projects in Albania, such as the  combined-cycle power plant in Vlora, the Albanian environmental NGO  coalition Ekolevizija calls upon the multilateral development banks and international development donors:

  • Not to consider the Porto Romano TPP for finance.
  • To prioritise sustainable energy projects, particularly in the field of renewable energy and energy efficiency, when it comes to review  its three-year investment strategy for Albania at the end of this year.
  • To encourage the Albanian government to find solutions for the energy security of the country via truly renewable energy and energy  efficiency, and specifically to approve substantial regulatory  incentives for the development of renewable energy projects

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