Project title:               GREEN CROSS – Towards Local Green Economies with Smart Investments
Timeframe:                15 January 2020 - 15 May 2023
Where:                       Has Municipality, Albania and Kline Municipality, Kosovo
Financially supported:European Union. Cross-border programme Albania – Kosovo
Budget:                       501,054.25 Euro    

The project which will run for 40 months aim to contribute to an overall sustainable economic growth in the cross-border region by enabling transition of municipalities into the sustainable green economy through integrated policy, smart public investments and capacity development. Both municipalities will benefit from smart investment for energy efficiency and renewables energy. The target groups of the project are the citizens of Has and Kline municipalities, Institutions of public interest, Local farmers and businesses, CSOs operating in the region, Employees of Municipality of Has and Klina.
The project is implemented: Albania by EDEN center and Has Municipality and in Kosovo by Balkan Green Foundation (BGF) - Leader and Kline Municipality.


Project title: "Living near Oil field doesn’t mean living in Hell" 
Time frame:                            Shkurt - September 2016
Where:                                    Fier
Financial supported:            GGF
Project budget:                     5000 USD

This project aim to support Local Government Unit of Roskovec in the dialogue with Bankers for better dealing with affected Community concerns and to watchdog the implementation of project environmental due diligence and transparency through PWYP ( Publish What You Pay) agreed between EBRD and Bankers. Through this project we intend to address and transmit the expectations of local community and local government unit, to both Bankers and EBRD/ IFC and that Albanian institutions are aware of the monitoring tools and the compliance mechanisms in place


Project title:                             "An active nucleus monitoring organizations in Albania, - a contributing factor
                                                  towards the European Integration

Time frame:                              July 2012 – January 2013
Where:                                      Berat, Shkodra, Elbasan and Tirana
Financial supported:                Open Society Foundation for Albania” (SOROS)
Project budget:                         9.900 USD

The aim of the project is to establish a nucleus of organizations willing to work towards monitoring and watchdogging environmental issues, strengthen their partnership with organizations and successful networks in the Western Balkans and to improve the capacities and knowledges on monitoring and environmental vigilance among Albanian NGOs.

Title:                         South East Europe Sustainable Energy Policy programme (SEE SEP)
Timeframe:               December 2012- November 2016
Place:                       Tirana
Mbështetur nga:        European Commision
Budget:                      45 970 EUR         

SEE SEP is a multi-country, multi-year programme which has 16 CSO partners from across the region with financial support from the European Commision.The SEE SEP will link regional knowledge network with the best of European Sustainable Development Institutes and employ fact based advocacy to achieve the desired result of active and effective network of CSOs providing analysis, advocacy and monitoring in the energy sector in SEE.The goal is to recognize key aspects of energy sector mismanagement (including energy poverty, corruption, environmental damage and poor application of EU laws and directives), to acknowledge the value of civil society participation in energy sector reform processes, and to look at solutions for generating wealth and opportunities for the citizens of SEE by doing what’s right

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