the long shadow
The long shadow of an oil legacy

(February 2014)

 This is a Fact Finding Mission report from the Bankers Petroleum oil fields at Patos Marinza, Albania. Representatives from CEE Bankwatch Network and EDEN Center in Albania visited the area around Patos-Marinza during 3-7 February 2013.

vigjilenca web
Environmental watchdoging in practice

 (February 2014)

"Environmental Watchdoging in Practice" is published to help all organizations that want to increase the efficiency of work in terms of environmental protection, representation of citizens and the protection of their rights and interests. The main purpose of this publication is to increase the knowledge of organizations about the steps of realizing environmental environmental vigilance and promote non-formal networking.

Investing in a hurry, leisurely repentance

 (June 2013)

The report contains investment case studies from International Financial Institutions (IFNs) in South Eastern Europe, conducting an analysis of the energy situation versus European Union targets. The report is published as a result of the project "Sustainable Energy Policy in South Eastern Europe" in alarm frame.

Projekt monitorues nderkombetar
A Global Fish and Community Mercury Monitoring Project

 (January 2013)

The report was prepared within the project "International Monitoring Project Mercury in Fish and Community", the first of its kind that identifies, under a single effort, "Hot spots" of mercury in the world. This report will introduce you with mercury Hot Spots identified in the world and the results of its concentrations in fish and in human body.