Raport Kombetar Zona e ndotur
National report Contaminated site: Vlora Mercury Hot Spot in Albania

 (January 2013)

The report was drafted in the framework of the “Global Free Mercury Campaign” against mercury in fish and in human body, which focused on an abandoned chlor-alkali and PVC plant in Vlora, Albania. This report reflects the results of mercury contamination in fish taken near the Vlora Bay and the risk of the inhabitants living near the area of mercury pollution.

Udhezues per organizatat joqeveritare
IPA Toolkit for Civil Society Organizations

 ( December 2011)

This toolkit aims to provide support and guidance for CSOs and stakeholders in the Western Balkan countries who are interested or involved in the next programming cycle of pre-accession funds.

Divka karavasta cover
Divjaka Karavasta Hiking Guide

(September 2011)

Through this hiking guide EDEN center has the pleasure to bring into your view and your interest the attractions of one of the Albanian most famous national parks, the Divjaka-Karavasta National park

Reducing the Risk to Public Health
Reducing the Risk to Public Heath and Environment from Used Lead Acid Batteries (ULAB) in Albania Project Findings Report

 ( May 2011)

This report reflects the current situation in Albania with regard to the risk of lead acid batteries being associated with the recommendations and concrete results. The study for this report is focused on Uznove, Berat where lead factory is situated. The report was drafted in the development of the project "Reduction of lead-acid batteries hedged risk in Albania health and the environment".