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News and Activites


    Në kuadër të projektit "Shkolla aktive për ndarjen e mbetjeve!" u zhvillua Konkursi i gjelbër në shkollën e mesme "Partizani" dhe në Shkollën 9 vjecare "Ali Demi", në Tiranë. Konkursi u zhvillua midis klasave të cilat kanë qenë pjesë e workshopeve informuese për zhvillimin e njohurive  për mjedisin, menaxhimin e mbetjet urbane dhe të rrezikshme. Konkursi i gjelbër i zhvilluar me pyetje në formën e Quizit kishte për qëllim që të sillte dhe njëherë në vëmendje të të rinjve cështjen e mbetjeve, menaxhimin e tyre, ndarjen e mbetjeve në ambientet e shkollës dhe në banesë. Vëmendje iu kushtua skemës së ndarjes së mbetjeve në koshat përkatës: të riciklueshëm, të paricklueshëm dhe të rrezikshëm. Në mënyrë që informacioni i marrë nga nxënësit për cëshjet e mjedisit dhe për mbetjet të mos mbetej vetëm teorik, shkollat u pajisën me 4 kosha secila për ndarjen e mbetjeve në të riciklueshme, të pariciklueshme dhe të rrezikshme. Nxënësit pas kësaj nisme do të jenë vetë zbatuesit e aksioneve për mbajtjen e ambientit pastër në shkolllë, në ndarjen e mbetjeve si në ambientet e shtëpisë dhe të shkollës. Secila klasë fituese e secilës shkollë, fitoi si cmim për konkursin  një pemë Liquidambar styraciflua (Likujdamber). Nxënënsit që morrën pjesë në konkurs u pajisën me një certifikatë për interesin dhe angazhimin e tyre. Falenderojmë shkollën "Partizani" dhe "Ali Demi: për bashkëpunimin e tyre në zhvillimin e projektit.Projekti “Shkolla aktive për ndarjen e mbeteje!”, i kontraktuar nga Bashkia Tiranë, është pjesë e projektit “Kryeqytetet bashkëpunojnë për sfidat e përbashkëta në menaxhimin e mbetjeve të rrezikshme - Jerevan, Varshavë, Tiranë” dhe mbështetet financiarisht nga Bashkimi Evropian.Fotografitë e aktivitetit mund ti ndiqni në Facebook nëpërmjet këtij linku  
  • Job Vacancy

    TERMS OF REFERENCE Program portfolios: Public participation in environmental decision-making; Climate Change and Energy; Green Economy Job title:  Project manager Position: Full time in EDEN offices Location: Tirana To apply and submit your application please follow this link: https://rb.gy/tgt9bDeadline: 7 June 2013 Purpose and objective of the assignment The purpose of this assignment is to ensure the appropriate and professional implementation of the project/projects of the program portfolios in the most effective manner possible. In particular to make every effort to ensure that the Projects` objectives/outputs are achieved according to the work plan, budget and within the contracted project period and operational procedures and succeed with follow ups and synergies.Specific objectives: • The successful development and implementation of all projects` procedures• The achievement of the projects` main goal within the given constraints and optimization of the allocated necessary inputs• Productive guidance, efficient communication and supervision of the projects` key actors and team This position requires that the program officer should all the time acts as an ambassador for the EDEN center and its activities. Duties and responsibilities of the job For this position EDEN is aiming at having a full-time person with commitment, skills and willingness to be engaged in the environmental non-profit sector and the ambition to lead the working portfolios. For the projects/campaigns he/she is managing and supervising, the project manager will: Develop in-depth understanding of EDEN and its manual of procedures; Develop in-depth understanding project/campaign and be familiar with the projects` documentation (which should include but not limited to): the donor contract; required Donor procedure manuals; the approved Project proposal and budget. Finalize and Update Projects action plans in consultation with project team and project partners where necessary.   Establish and implement Projects monitoring and evaluation systems in order to provide regular information on progress towards objectives and assess the impact of the Project. Monitor expenditure on periodically basis against the approved budget. In cooperation with financial officer review expenditure projections to ensure that expenditure stays within budget. Significant actual or anticipated expenditure variances should be anticipated together with any recommendations for changes to the budget. Ensure that any necessary changes to the project design, objectives, outputs or budget are identified and brought to the attention of executive director and financial officer and communicated to the donor management unit in a timely manner Ensure proper e-filing and hard dossiers of his/her projects and other working documents in EDEN as well as monitoring, interim and final narrative reports Establish and maintain positive working relationships with existing and new partners and stakeholders` with which EDEN center works Employs resourcefulness in project design, implementation and monitoring. Trouble shoots project problems. Identifies and implements creative solutions. Serve as point of communication between EDEN and external resources and deepen existing partnerships, create new partnerships and ensure that third parties’ views are managed towards the best solution Prepare ToRs for the contract services and supplies within his/her projects Chair and facilitate meetings and events of the organization where appropriate, required and needed Providing support to other EDEN staff and Executive Director when requested Design concept notes and prepare project proposals for different donor calls falling under the working portfolios of EDEN   Ensure proper communication materials, public information and PR of his/her assigned projects and EDEN initiatives including social media, visual and written media as well Act as EDEN campaigner in different sectorial meetings at national, regional and international levels and as EDEN contact point in the different networks where EDEN is member and active. Monitor the implementation of environmental policies and provide input to the EU country annual report on environment, transport and energy chapters; Monitor media articles/ clips related to environmental destructive and problematic projects and act as whistleblower when a destructive project is made evident and come up with an advocacy campaign action plan; Actively participate and support other activities of the organization including fundraising and in the preparation of educative materials and events Support EDEN Director content wise, in public appearing or activities that EDEN is represented where PIP issues are raised; Any other related duties which may be requested by the Executive Director from time to time1. Qualification and skills requested Technical competence Master's degree preferably in a related field of study like: environment, sustainable development, climate change, nature sciences, project management, political studies, etc.   A minimum of three years of experience in project management and implementation within an NGO or related environment Ability to develop and foster external organizational relationships and applied representation skills. Readiness to work for environmental topics in the country and the region Exceptional verbal, written, and presentation skills. Advanced written and spoken English Language skills Personal and core competence: Ability to work independently and as a team player who demonstrates leadership Ability to coach and mentor staff in a dynamic environment, national and international Well-developed written and oral communication skills. Able to communicate clearly and sensitively with internal and external stakeholders as a representative of EDEN. This includes effective negotiation and representation skills Works with trustworthiness and integrity and has a clear commitment to EDEN's core values and environmental principles Is well planned and organized even within a fluid working environment and has a capacity for initiative and decision making with competent analytical and problem-solving skills. Ability to operate effectively under extreme circumstances including stress, time pressure out of duty station and out of duty schedule. Works and lives with a flexible, adaptable and resilient manner.2. Contacts Reirta Fero, HR and Financial manager  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.; This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Term of References
  • Young people address candidates for local elections for #Clean Air! 

    The Albanian local elections of 2023 will take place on 14 May 2023 in the entire country including 61 municipalities. Diverse platforms and priorities are being introduced by different candidates running for mayor or municipal council. Nonetheless, air quality, climate change and the environment are at the cornerstone of healthy and liveable cities and these issues should be the priority of each candidate. This is particularly critical for adolescents and children, which represent a vulnerable group against pollution[i]. Children and adolescents cannot protect themselves from air pollution, or vote for or influence relevant policies; only adults can do it for them, and it is urgent[ii].  In the margins of local elections, youngsters of the #Youth4CleanAir network in Albania address all candidates running for Mayor or municipal council and urge for actionable political programs, plans and accurate decision-making to ensure #CleanAir and tackle climate consequences affecting youth and children's health!  For this purpose, #Youth4CleanAir youngsters convey key messages and demands from their #YouthManifesto4AirQuality&ClimateChange[iii] document to the candidates, emphasizing the urgent need for air quality in our lives and addressing certain key proposals in their political programs for the local sustainable development and democracy   Young people demand from local candidates to prioritize air quality in their municipalities by integrating and undertaking concrete measures and actions to ensure: Stronger and bold policies to ensure easy-accessed green public transport, within the city and intercity, frequent and financially      affordable to all. Thus, reducing the use of personal cars;  Education, information and awareness-raising campaigns for the sustainable management and conservation of natural resources, as the sole means to improve air quality and resilience against climate change. Empowering citizens and all relevant stakeholders to undertake proactive actions in support of air quality and climate resilience;  Increasing forest areas with native plants and extending forest and green areas within cities urban;  Building and enhancing the network of bike lanes within cities  As underscored in the recent policy brief of the UN Secretary-General on youth's role in decision-making, youth are key to identifying new solutions that will secure the breakthroughs that our world urgently needs. Likewise, the #Youth4CleanAir network firmly believes that young people should be empowered and entrusted as equal stakeholders and partners in the decision-making and implementation of initiatives intended to mitigate air pollution and combat climate change.  [i] Children are particularly vulnerable to air pollution, from when they are in the womb to when they reach adulthood.  [ii] https://www.eea.europa.eu/publications/air-pollution-and-childrens-health [iii] The Youth Manifesto is an advocacy document produced by youth from the municipalities of Tirana, Pogradec, Shkoder, Elbasan and Berat during the first implementation please of the project #Youth4AirQuality which included 254 youth in capacity building, awareness and advocacy events during last year. This document has been presented by youth to the Deputy Minister of Tourism and Environment in February 2023 and youth will continue to build their actions on this strategic document to raise their voice for issues related to air quality in Albania.
  • Ceremoni inagurimi investimi ne Has

    Në datën 5 prill 2023 në Bashkinë Has u zhvillua inagurimi i investimit të standardit europian me 60 panele fotovoltaike në dy godinat publike të qytetit, në godinën e Bashkisë dhe në Qendrën Shëndetësore Krumë. Me anë të këtyre paneleve me fuqi 28kWp është tashmë e mundur reduktimi me 60% i faturës së energjisë elektrike për Bashkinë dhe deri në 90% për Qendrën Shëndetësore duke bërë një hap para drejt mbrojtjes së mjedisit dhe përdorimit në mënyrë eficente të burimeve energjetike. Përveç kësaj, ndriçimi rrugor është më efiçent pasi është realizuar zëvendësimi i ndriçuesve të zakonshëm me 230 ndriçues LED 90W. Ndriçimi rrugor është përmirësuar ndjeshëm dhe përveç jetëgjatësisë së ndriçuesve, Bashkia do të shpenzojë më pak. Kjo është vërtetuar gjatë procesit të monitorimit, pasi Bashkia ka kursyer deri në 37% të buxhetit të dedikuar për ndriçimin rrugor. Në takimin që u zhvillua, Kryetari i Bashkisë Z. Liman Morina u shpreh “Projekte dhe investime të tilla i shtojnë vlerë dhe zhvillojnë qytetin e Hasit, duke kursyer më shumë e duke gjetur mënyra efektive drejt ekonomisë së gjelbër” Z Ilmi Lisha, Përgjegjës sektori të monitorimit të kompetencave vendore dhe funksioneve të deleguara, prefektura Qarku Kukës u shpreh se “Investime kaq të rëndësishme për zonën mundëson zhvillimin dhe rrit vëmendjen që duhet të marrin trojet tona”.Znj. Ermelinda Mahmutaj, Drejtore e qendrës Mjedisore EDEN theksoi rëndësinë e bashkëpunimit me institucione vendore dhe angazhimit të vazhdueshëm pë të qenë më afër standardeve europiane të zhvillimit.Në takim u diskutua gjithashtu për vlerën e këtij projekti, për zonën dhe për investime të tjera që do të hapin rrugë drejt zhvillimit dhe mbrojtjes së mjedisit. Në fund takimi u përmbyll me ceremoninë e prerjes së shiritit të investimit nga Kryetari i Bashkisë dhe nga Drejtoresha e Qendrës Mjedisore EDEN. Me një dëshirë të madhe për ta kthyer politikbërjen në një mjet për të mbrojtur mjedisin, dhe biodiversitetin, Bashkia Has u angazhua për ta realizuar me sukses këtë projekt 3 vjeçar, duke dhënë kështu një shembull mjaft pozitiv për iniciativat që duhen ndërmarrë për ta integruar konceptin e ekonomisë e gjelbër me buxhetin.Arritja e bashkëpunimit dhe nxitja për më shumë veprime dhe ndërhyrje proaktive duhet të përkrahet nga më shumë bashki, për të shkuar drejt zhvillimit bashkarisht dhe për të sjell inovacionin në shërbim të natyrës dhe trojeve tona.Ceremonia e inagurimit, u zhvillua në kuadër të projektit ndërkufitar të financuar nga Bashkimi Evropian - IPA II "KAPËRCIM I GJELBËR– Drejt ekonomisë së gjelbër vendore përmes investimeve inteligjente". Projekti zbatohet nga Balkan Green Foundation në Kosovë dhe Qendra mjedisore EDEN në Shqipëri me partnerët e saj në pushtetin lokal Komuna e Klinës dhe Bashkia e Hasit.
  • Job announcement for Project coordinator

    EDEN center is looking for a project coordinator for a project coordinator with job specifications as below TERMS OF REFERENCE Program portfolio: Green Economy; Environmental Activism & Youth Job title:  Project coordinator Location: Tirana Duration: February 2023 – February 2024 with possibility of extensionDeadline for application: 5 February 2023 Purpose and objective of the assignment Specific objectives: • Organize projects with the goal of getting them completed on time and within budget.• Assist project manager/s by overseeing administrative tasks, communicating with stakeholders and ensuring resource availability for the project team• Ensure proper communication and visibility of activities and projects• Write concept ideas and project proposals for the topics he/she covers Duties and responsibilities of the job For this position EDEN is aiming at having an energetic person with commitment, skills and willingness to be engaged in the environmental non-profit sector and the ambition to lead the working portfolios. The project coordinator will: Develop in-depth understanding of project/campaign/initiative/activity scope and particulars i.e. timeframes, financials, outcomes etc. Create project/event/service action plan and management calendar to monitor and fulfilling each goal, objective, activities, deliverables and ensuring that project deadlines are met alongside with proper narrative reporting Assess project risks and issues and provide solutions where applicable Prepare, update and ensure thorough project documentation including electronic dossier and the physical dossier in conformance with EDEN rules and procedures Serve as point of communication between EDEN and external resources and deepen existing partnerships, create new partnerships and ensure that third parties’ views are managed towards the best solution Providing administrative support as needed and ensuring that resources and equipment are always available Providing support to project managers and Executive Director when requested Being contact point and participate in youth network meetings representing the EDEN Center nationally & internationally. Work to expand contacts and youth partnerships Contribute in the project proposals being prepared by program managers and the executive of the organization, as well as initiate and take lead of proposals targeting the two portfolios which he/she is engaged Ensure proper communication materials, public information and PR of his/her assigned projects including social media, visual and written media as well Act as EDEN campaigner Actively participate and support other activities of the organization Qualification and skills requested Bachelor's degree preferably in a related field of study but there is no limitation Exceptional verbal, written, and presentation skills. Experience using computers for a variety of tasks. Competency in Microsoft application and knowledge of PR, design or other specific relevant programs will be considered and asset Strong organizational skills and attention to details Experience in coordinating teams and events Knowledge of file management, transcription, and other administrative procedures. Fluency in English language both in writing and speaking Personal competence: Ability to work both independently and in a team and follow with the team decisions Committed to work with environmental issues and a pro-active person; able to undertake initiatives and action Ready to take responsibility, result driven Ability to develop and maintain strong relationships Ability to work in national and international context Flexible, attentive to details, motivated and enthusiastic Ability to work on tight deadlines Ability to travel out of duty station and out of duty schedule Contacts Reirta Fero, HR and Financial manager  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.; This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. - Project Coordinator Submit your application online through this link till 5 February 2023

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