Earth Day - 22 April

2014Year:                                    2014
"Green cities"
Location:                             Durrës
Financial supported:         American Embassy
Partner:                               Durrës Municipality, Regional Environment Center

Earth Day message for this year had as theme "Green Cities", a collaboration with the US Embassy, the Municipality of Durres, REC and the involvement of volunteers and citizens. The celebration had activities to build examples of city ecological eco-monopoly game messaging environment in which children played and

learned at the same time how to behave in the daily life its impact on the environment. In one part of the square was created an ecological environment with small creative painting initiatives used car tires turning them in vases to plant flowers. The activity was part of the energy and exhibitions where has been reflected on renewable energy projects that have been implemented in Albania and the region. In another corner of the activity children of elementary school in Durres "Mihal Ekonomi" painted cloth bags of giving their environmental message. Students of "Eurovision" high school annually attended celebrations realizing a recycled clothing. These small initiatives focused on the square in front of Durres municipality represents some of the puzzle pieces to the green and Ecological City. This celebration in cooperation and participation of several stakeholders indicates the possibility of developing our cities as green and sustainable.