EDEN's volunteers

EDENs volunteers are a group of very active youngsters, pupils of High schools, and students with different backgrounds that study in Tirana.
At the moment, EDEN counts around 100 volunteers and more than half of them are very active. Believing in the mission and vision of the organization, they have committed to their own mission and vision which reflects their youth spirit and capacities:

Mission: To contribute to a sustainable and healthy environment in Albania by organizing different events and actions.
Vision: A sustainable country where the community is aware of and fights for a healthy environment.

o To create a team of environmentalists who are an example and inspires all the youngsters in Albania.
o To gain knowledge on how to write project proposals for environmental actions.
o To promote Eco-tourism by practicing Nature Guiding.
o To strengthen the communication abilities by making our actions visible.

The success of EDENs volunteers’ group is strongly related to their continuous engagement through the weekly meetings. They have created a tradition called “Saturdays at EDEN” where they meet with each-other at EDEN centre office. On Saturday every youngster has the opportunity to pick a topic they are confident with and to prepare a small workshop or presentation for the rest of the group. In this way we make sure that the moderator practices his/her facilitating skills and the others learn about a new topic. The volunteers are very active during the projects that the centre implements by bringing in their ideas and contribution in communication with the community, assistance during the preparation of different activities etc. They represent the organization in national and international events through youth networks. Every year the volunteers reorganize their work in small working groups and each group has its goals and planned activities.

How to join EDEN volunteers?
New volunteers join continuously the team with new ideas and energy. Every youngster from 15-30 has the opportunity to apply in becoming a volunteer at EDEN centre by filling this FORM. Immediately after receiving the application, the new volunteer is contacted by the coordinator by email and gets invited for a joint meeting with other volunteers in order to better know each other and group philosophy. After that the volunteers get continuous communication that notify them about meetings, seminars, training, or different activities that can be organized by the centre or by the volunteers themselves.