Environmental Education

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green economyProject title:                             "GEAR - Green Economy for Advanced Region“
Time frame:                              March 2018 - February 2021
Where:                                      Albania, Montenegro, Serbia, BiH and Macedonia
Financial supported:              European Union within Civil Society Facility and Media
Project budget:                       130.000 EUR

The project aim to increase the activities and impact of civil society organizations from Albania, Montenegro, Serbia, B&H and Macedonia in the environmental protection through networking strengthening their capacities and promoting green economy.

A three-year project will be implemented in the above-mentioned countries, and its main activities include trainings for representatives of civil society organizations on green economy, public advocacy and lobbying, participation in decision making, monitoring of public policies, project cycle management, etc., familiarization with good practice models in green economy and green entrepreneurship through study visit to EU and presentations organized in the target countries, sub-granting for civil society organizations, regional conferences on green economy and green entrepreneurship, development of a Study on possibilities for the development of green economy in the target region, etc.
The project is implemented in partnership with organizations FORS Montenegro which is the leader of the project, EDEN centre from Albania, SMART Kolektiv from Serbia, Centre for support and development from B&H, EKO Svest from Macedonia and Association Slap from Croatia.