The Environmental Education Centre

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The Environmental Education center at the Tirana Zoo was established in 2008 supported by the Municipality of Tirana, US Embassy (public relations office) and ProCredit Bank and was inaugurated on 22 April 2008. Since that day, this center continues to function and it is open every day from Monday to Friday starting at 08:30 to 12:30. This center serves to educate the next generation to love and respect the environment. The information that is in it shall help to cultivate as much knowledge about the living world. Every day this center is visited not only by students of different schools of Tirana but also from students who come from different cities of the country.
In addition except to theoretical information which is made available in its internal environment, children have the opportunity to explore the environment around the zoo using games of the Environmental Education Kit. Among them are: Guide around the zoo where children were given more extensive information about existing animals, different games aimed at a closer knowledge of nature and the living world.
Also within this center are different games and a rich library with books for Environmental Education. Besides students and children who perform at the center their practical hours and extracurricular hours, the center is visited from adult ages that have more curiosity to know more about the nature and reinforce their knowledge.
This center serves as a center of Ecological Environmental Friendly with placement of solar panels, LED lamps and storage of rainwater.