International Earth Day celebration- 22nd of April 2016

20160422 105518
Today, on April 22, 2016, on International Earth Day, EDEN Center held a range of educational environmental awareness with students of elementary schools in Tirana "Sabahudin Gabrani" and "Dora d'Distria" and at the Environmental Education Centre "EDEN" next to the Tirana Zoo.
Both schools have planted seedlings of various plants by the students where despite learning the techniques of planting the plants and their responsibility toward, they got information on the positive aspects of these plants offer to the environment and people. Plants that were planted in the event were: Laurus nobilis L, Rosmarinus Officinalis, Nerium Oleander, Jasminum multiflorum and decorative flowers.

Educational interactive games also took place at the Environmental Education Center at the Zoo, to the development of culture and activism toward environment of the school children.Games for children were developed on critical thinking for environmental issues and a historical explanation on the Earth Day and for the ecological house of "EDEN".Also children have visited the animal’s areas taking general information on them and for the zoo itself.

This year's theme was "Trees for the Earth" ®. The purpose of this theme is to make a significant and measurable impact on the Earth which will serve for a cleaner, healthier and more sustainable planet for all. April 22nd is a special day dedicated to all those who care for the Earth. This day aims to raise awareness of the opportunities to improve the issue of climate change and exploitation of resources in environmental protection.
Also on April 22nd will be signed an agreement on climate protection by the United States, China and other 120 countries that were part of the conference of Paris on climate change in 2015.

EDEN Center thanks all the staff and students of the involved schools that were part of the celebration of this important day for the earth!
For more, click here to view photos activities throughout the day!

This event will be organized within the project titled: “Horizon to EU Accession- Engaging Active Citizenship and Civil Society in Environmental Policy”, in frame of the “Albanian Civil Society for a European Environment (ACHIEVE)" program - Regional Environmental Center (REC). Supported by the EU Delegation in Albania.