A meeting between friends with lots of recognition to make!

You give us special emotions and share with us your experience by creating a warm atmosphere. The evening of February 20, at Tulla Culture Center, web green drinks IMG 2070reminded us once again that only through the will and desire of everyone each difficult cause can be achieved if unconditionally we commit to it.

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”- Margaret Mead-

Not coincidentally this was also the motto of our activity in the format "Green Drinks", to emphasize once again that the small contributions of every individual in issues that affect us and in which we believe, become a bigger contribution of all of us in the reality where we live.
The growing interest and movement of youth and active citizens on various issues, but particularly for environmental topic gave us the inspiration and the idea for designing and organizing a friendly event and daring to go out of the ordinary activities framework. We choose this format as we aimed in having the main actors’ youth and passionate citizens in one place who act and seek to be integrate more and more on issues that cross the boundaries of a certain area. Through this activity more than 60 participants had the opportunity to interact with each other, to exchange their contacts and to strengthen in continuation the bridges of communication and cooperation in all spheres of mutual interest.

Creating an environmental community not only in Albania, it was the purpose for which all participants were-conscious, this has been sought repeatedly and this is the main line and requirements the EDEN Centre aimed and is consistently eager to achieve and reinforce. The stage was dedicated to students, young EDEN’s volunteers and to every citizen who shared with the audience his experience and how each sees and perceives the environment and activism. The meeting was free for raising questions, talking, discussing, to know more about one another and to be seen together through children- eye, who more than anyone else, try, believe and achieve. Messages that every individual transmitted were sincere as well as inspiring for everyone.

The reality is corrupt, even the environment within it, in addition the efforts and the activism should be strong and stable at the time!
Environmental war requires spirit, not always money!

You shared these and many other messages during the meeting, to which all the participants assessed and inspiration for their work and promote our common commitment in the field of environment.

The continuous involvement and supporter of the environmental topics, environmental law expert, Enio Haxhimihali, oriented his speech to civil society Web drinks1 IMG 2074engagement and the importance of the liaison channels existence and the strengthened of the connection and communication among active organizations and their citizens. Students and professors, friends of the environment, were involved in natural discussions with the passion of individuals who love the environment and feel the constant need to increase their engagement as active citizens, participants and decision makers. Eco Guerilla organizations from Tetovo strongly stressed the great importance that every individual and the contribution that citizens can give not only within the small space of the city where they live. Arianit Xhaferi expressed through photography and video the activism of citizens in Tetovo, on a very sensitive issue not only for the environment but also for health, as heavy air pollution.

Representatives of environmental organizations, youth and the greens over the years, discussed on activism and an active soul, environmental fights that need more courage, the willingness and the increasing involvement of citizens by living and feeling the situation closely, in the field, where the problem exists and can be really solved. The Activity was accompanied by some music and photos of the Concert-Protest held in Valbona to evaluate once again that through individual, social and cultural commitment, common challenges become tangible and feasible.

Thank you for participating and we wish we have been fruitful for each other and passed a nice time under the sweet musical notes performed by Venera Lumani, Lind Islam and Klodi Hidri who accompanied us with love.
Any contributions given in this first organized format, let it be the inspiration for our future meetings!

The photos of the activity can be seen thorugh EDEN facebook page by clicking here.

The activity takes place within the project "Horizon to EU accession – engaging active citizenship and civil society in environmental policy" implemented by EDEN Center, part of the "Albanian Civil Society for a European Environment – ACHIEVE" implemented by the Regional Environmental Center (REC-Albania) and funded by the European Union in Albania.