Workshop: Recycling of waste in Tirana

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On Saturday, the 2nd of March 2019, EDEN center organized a workshop for all the interested young volunteers with the topic: Recycling of waste in Tirana. This workshop was held in the framework of the BAS project - Simulation of Civic Participation in the process of recycling through implementation of a benefitting system, part of the regional project Interreg VB "Balkans - Mediterranean 2014-2020, with the purpose of promoting recycling and waste separation in source in a pilot area of Tirana.
15 young people from different fields of study (economy, architecture, environment, computing, etc.) participated, all of them energetic young people and interested in environmental protection. They often organize themselves to plan activities to share valuable experiences among themselves.
During the workshop, young people were introduced to the concept of waste and their ways of processing them. The activity was interactive and everyone had the opportunity to share the information gathered by the university and everyday life.
Furthermore, they were acquainted with the BAS (Benefit As You Save) project, the objectives and expected results of this project. This project provides space for youth engagement by working on the ground for realizing a business map in the pilot project and following to inform and raise awareness of the community.
This is a very good opportunity to increase the capacity of young people by practicing communicative, argumentative skills and developing practices in environmental protection.
Pictures taken from this workshop you can find it in our facebook page!