EDEN volunteers join hands in BAS implementation!

53321710 10156677608447561 251842734615166976 oToday, on 6th of March 2019, our offices were “flooded” by our great volunteers. After the expression of interest from their side to be part of the BAS initiative, the BAS project coordinator with the support of EDEN volunteers coordinator and our EVS volunteer organized two workshops. These activities are organized in the frame of “Stimulating citizens participation to recycle processes through the implementation of benefits systems Benefit as You Save- BAS” project supported by Transnational Cooperation Programme Interrreg V-B “Balkan –Mediteranean 2014-2020”.
With the purpose of engaging them during the BAS awareness campaign and jointly planning the interventions, volunteers were initially informed about the recycling scheme and the intervention pilot area. Later on Mrs Mamaj, explained the concrete tasks to be undertaken by them during the data collection site visits. Few short learning by doing exercises were conducted then, so that the volunteers do a unified presentation of the project when approaching businesses, bars and restaurants in the pilot area. The second part of the workshop was conceived as a work in groups, where young people were dividing tasks, forming intervention groups of four and posing clarifying questions to the coordinator. They decided to use GPS tools as a mean to map the location of each business unit within the pilot area. “This is cool” said Tea, “I’ll have the possibility to practice IT tools for project purposes. I am thrilled to be engaged in this initiative and give my contribution for waste segregation and recycling in Tirana”.
Implementation of our BAS project is in full speed now and having this great group of volunteers joining their hands with the project team will help us the excel…….
………to be continued with the next activity!    Pictures taken during this workshop you can find it in our facebook page!