Study visit on Green Economy in one of the greenest cities- Osijek, Croatia

59380477 1294659124043097 5046516547653206016 nOn 1 March 2018, EDEN Center started with the implementation of a new project “GEAR – Green Economy for Advanced Region” with the aim of increasing the activities and impact of civil society organizations from Albania, Montenegro, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Macedonia in the environmental protection through networking strengthening their capacities and promoting green economy. Until now three trainings were developed in Albania with the topics of Green Economy, Public Advocacy and Lobbing and Project Cycle Management.

The next phase of the three year project was a study visit on Green Economy on 13-17 of April, in one of the greenest cities Osijek, Croatia. On this study visit participated representatives of organizations of civil society from Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, North Macedonia, Montenegro and Serbia all partners of this project.

Albania was represented by 6 participants working in different fields of civil society, in different cities of Albania and interest in Green Economy. During this visit, the participants had the opportunity to visit several examples of green entrepreneurship like Green houses and schools, Eco centers, Recycling companies, Solar Panels, etc. All this examples attracted the participant’s attention as they were very curious and asked a lot of constructive questions.
This experience filled them with new ideas, that they barely wait to implement this ideas in their cities and their organizations with local people.

The project is financed by the European Union with Civil Society Facility and Media Programme 2016-2017 and the next activity will be three training courses in Macedonia.

‘Till then, we’ll keep you in touch! Enjoy the pictures on Facebook page!