European Week for Waste Reduction 2020 | Educational Chat

What is European Week for Waste Reduction? European Week for Waste Reduction (EWWR) is the biggest campaign to raise awareness about waste prevention in Europe. Driven by local and regional public authorities, we bring together all sorts of other actors — citizens, schools, businesses, NGOs, associations — who organise activities to raise awareness about waste reduction.


Java evropiane per red mbetjeveIn the frame of EWWR 2020, on Friday, November 27th, EDEN Center conducted an educational chat on recycling and how to reduce waste by creating, with pupils of Avni Rustemi school, located in Tirana. Pupils were introduced to materials that are recyclable and not suitable for recycling. During the conversation, students share the practices they apply in daily life in order to reuse waste - such as: creating postcards made of used materials, reusing and painting bottles or glass jars, etc.

Besides, EDEN Center donated to Avni Rustemi school, 2 trash bin that were placed in the front yard of the school, where pupils will be encouraged to follow the instructions given and throw their waste in the bin.

We thank the teachers of ‘Avni Rustemi school’ for the cooperation!