Workshops on EU Green Deal

2. 22On 24th ad 25th of June, EDEN Center conducted two one-day workshop for the EU Green Deal and its linkage with Western Balkan, in Tirana, Albania.

The workshops were attended by environmental CSOs, environmental experts, public local and national authorities’ representatives, environmental agencies, environmental and climate activists. The purpose of the workshops was to introduce the key stakeholders (aforementioned) with the policy-areas of EU Green Deal and how the environmental protection perspective will be changed according to EU Green Deal's targets in the Western Balkan region, specifically in Albania.
The trainer gave an overview of the timeline of the compilation of EU Green Deal and the next steps and introduced the policy-areas of the road-map, respectively- biodiversity, sustainable food systems, sustainable agriculture, clean energy, sustainable industry, building and renovating, sustainable mobility, eliminating pollution and climate action.
The discussions and interactions among the participants on the EU Green Deal were diverse and insightful for everyone that attended the workshop. The main points addressed during these discussions were:

  • The challenges of adopting the profit-sector according to the targets of EU Green Deal;
  • The transition of communities with vulnerable economy towards 2050 targets;
  • The gaps between the vision for the future of environment and sustainable development of Albania and the vision of EU.
  • The path of Albania in adopting according to the EU 2050 targets, in terms of public environmental documents (policies, action-plans, measures, strategy, etc)

This activity came as part of the “Green Economy for an Advanced Region” project, funded by the European Union and implemented by FORS Montenegro in partnership with EDEN centre from Albania, SMART Kolektiv from Serbia, Centre for support and development from B&H, EKO Svest from Macedonia and Association Slap from Croatia.