Nature - Folk - Gastronomy in Has Municipality

Panaiti Green CRoss

On 27.09.2021, for the International Tourism Day, the fair “Nature - Folk - Gastronomy. Has the new gate of the cross border tourism" was held in the Municipality of Has.

The fair as a coorganisation between Has Municipality and EDEN center was held organized in the square "Pjetër Bogdani", in front of the Municipality of Has, and aimed to promote Has and the region for its natural values, tradition, culture, energy, and spirit.

More than 20 farmers and artisans, from Has, Kukes, and Klina Commune presented their products conveying the importance of cooperation and promotion of cross-border values for tourism development. This fair is even more special as it promotes the green practices of the Municipality of Has. In the framework of the project "GREEN CROSSING - towards the local green economy through intelligent investments" supported by European Union funds in the Municipality of Has has been realized an investment for public lighting making it more efficient. Exterior normal lamps have been replaced with LED lamps and training is underway to increase the capacity of the municipality and residents for green practices and ecosystem services.

The fair got greeted by the Mayor of Has, Mr. Liman Morina who encouraged such initiatives for the promotion of the area and the development of tourism to take place as often as possible. Has still has unexplored values which should be advertised taking into account the importance of cross-border cooperation with the Municipality of Klina. Mr. Morina highlighted: the intelligent investment made in the Municipality, more efficient public lighting with the replacement of normal lamps with LED ones; the latest 5-year action plan approved by the municipality for Ecosystem Services

The prefect of the region, Mr. Zenel Kuçana, emphasized that the region of Kukës needs such initiatives to be continuous, to strengthen the spirit of the region and cooperation among us and to encourage investments in the area towards green practices.

Other participants in the fair were from the Municipality of Tropoja, the Municipality of Kukës, the Regional Agency of Protected Areas Kukës, Representatives from Kosovo, the Ministry of Local Government, civil society organizations, etc. who unanimously welcomed the regional and cross-border development according to green practices and behavior to the attention of the two municipalities of Has and Klina for their243149492 544942483271735 7705323999462845338 npractices so far.

In addition, all those present had the opportunity to explore more the nature, folklore, and cuisine of the area through the performance by the art troupe of Has, the cultural center, the products of the farmers, and the handicrafts placed in the stands.

EDEN Center and Has Municipality thank all those present at this fair for the energy brought.

We welcome you to upcoming activities.


  • Photos of the fair can be found on EDEN facebook page accessible here 
  • RTSH Kukesi media coverage is accessible here

The fair is organised in the frame of the  "GREEN CROSS – Towards Local Green Economies with Smart Investments" project is financially supported by the Delegation of the European Union to Albania through the cross-border program Albania-Kosovo under the Instrument for Pre-Accession Assistance (IPA II) and implemented in Albania by the Center EDEN and Has Municipality and in Kosovo by Balkan Green Foundation and Klina Commune


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